Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wow! Solutions of Residential Interior Decoration Is Here

It is an assured fact that you always search for more comfort and leisure while sitting in the interior of your living place. Your living asset is truly special and you must think to make it an exceptional in the entire colony. The best and effective way to have a different living experience is to introduce advanced residential interior furniture those are convenient to use as well as bring satisfactory pleasures to watch.  Once the construction has been made, it is the efficiency of your interior decoration that can make you feel such satisfaction. Being an individual, how can you implement some expertise selection of interior furniture and decoration? In order to install such trendy materials, you will need an experienced professional who can make better placement along with choosing some quality products. To resolve your dilemma, some architectural firms in Kolkata have brought better solutions of residential designing. An expertise technique of an interior designer in Kolkata can help you explore some hidden pleasure of living beauty and comfort by incorporating some stunning decoration of residential interiors.
residential interior designer in kolkata

Residential interior decoration in Kolkata has found varied diversions through the emergence of some expert professionals. Anmol Decors and its professionals are on the same way to produce decorative wonders. There are countless furniture and relevant machinery those are necessary and indispensable for regular living. A mediocre choice may spoil entire look of a residential interior. We tend to incorporate compact living satisfaction and our experts are enriched with diverged expertise in varied fields of decoration including varied fields of interior designing like wall decoration, lighting fixtures and decorative furniture. All these supports are not only bound within your drawing room or terrace, but Anmol Decors always aim to bring a different touch of decoration including all the corners of your living place.
living room interior designer in kolkata

Some Characteristics of Advanced Residential Interior

Interior designing varies in accordance to varied creativity and the professionals from Anmol Decors have gathered some exclusive and innovative ideas that make the difference. Our expertise includes
  • Better combination of visual effects
  • Proper matching of colors and textures
  • Expertise coordination of window treatment
  • Specified selection of interior furniture
  • Proper placements furniture
  • Maintenance support

So, if you have managed a high valued residential construction, it is necessary to beautify your interior through some expertise installation of furniture that can bring utmost leisure and satisfaction of living. Anmol Decors is solely engaged with top interior designers in Kolkata in order to provide all such cooperation that you need to manage your interior in a different way. As you have been appreciated for your greatest efforts of a superior foundation, make your guests a little bit surprised getting our support of interior designing.
top interior designer in kolkata

We are not only concerned about your better living status, but our effective support that you can hire in your affordable price. So, what you are waiting for? Just make a call and ventilate your desires with us. It’s not hard, but quite simple to get a heavenly living experience.  

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Satisfactory Cooking Experience in a Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen will be a place where you can experience something new in your each cooking step. At a glance, a modular kitchen is comprised of some advanced appliances along with their customized efficiencies. Practically, such technical cure can not produce a better experience and ease of use for all the time, but it is the expertise of a professional who can place your necessary appliances at the proper places that you can enjoy the maximum benefits from them. For modular kitchen in Kolkata, there are some professional groups who are providing such support and among them you can definitely proceed with Anmol Decors to produce an exceptional kitchen spot for your living place. It may be a matter of installing a new grill or cooling system, from placement to choosing of quality materials, you can rely entire responsibility upon us. We always believe to bring wonders through simplicity according to your wish.
kitchen interior design in kolkata

 The skilled professionals from Anmol Decors have well managed some advanced techniques to incorporate some modern kitchen appliances that will make your kitchen more stylish as well as efficient. We do not only favor such technological implementations, but it is our specialization to use all of the appliances according to space, length and size of a kitchen. It may be a residential kitchen or a commercial one, there are some initial accessories those are installed just after the completion of the construction like ventilators, chimneys or sinks, but it is our fruitful effort that you can make them far efficient that you deserve in a modular kitchen in Kolkata according to availabilities.

We provide exclusive installation features of modular kitchen.
Better utilization of space.
Easier ways to keep it clean and chic.
Advanced and trendy look.
Variety of colors and design that fit with construction.
Durable and efficient products.
flat interior designer in kolkata

We always believe in fruitful efforts and accurate installation of technical appliances that can meet your satisfactory height. You can easily choose the products for your modular kitchen and our task is to provide a better placement. Modular kitchen in Kolkata is getting a better popularity for the ease of use and a better image of sophistication. You can easily prefer the advanced technologies of cooking hob, cooker hoods, pull drawers, shelves and shutters and many more. Anmol Decors will guide you planning and consulting all of these technologies in its own specialized way. So, do not wait for more as it is the best time to make your festive mood far enjoyable with a joyful experience of cooking.
living room interior designer in kolkata

Our task is not over just after providing a modular kitchen at your place, but our expert professionals will be always active to provide you a maintenance support. Our special assistance will help you select modular kitchen accessories in your affordable price. If you are worried about the higher expenses of hiring such professionals, then just make convene with Anmol Decors. Our exciting price packages for modular kitchen will leave no stone unturned to make you satisfy both with the support as well as in the budget.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Improved Commercial Interior for More Business Success

Generally commercial interior design popularly termed as contractual or non residential decoration. In Kolkata the emerging business growth and the competitive race have forced business owners and professionals incorporating some stunning interior decoration that can attract more business and prosperity. If you are still using some traditional interior designing at your working place, just contact with Anmol Decore and explore a better change. An upgraded and qualified interior design of business spots always produces more attention to products or services showcasing the prosperity to best benefits.

A well-decorated office interior does not only provide some pleasurable options for workers, but clients and other approaching folk can determine an improved status of the same meeting point. Architects in Kolkata are getting many appreciations while considering all of such factors. With an enhanced trend of work-efficiencies, a commercial space has become easier to make work-friendly and desirable for customers. Simply, hiring a office interior designer in Kolkata means more business options and prosperity for any kind of commercial point and interior.  
Best office interior designer in kolkata

Commercial interior decoration in Kolkata has become a leading industry support and the expert professionals of Anmol Decore have managed some superior techniques that you can experience some exclusive support in the same field. It may be residential interior or a movie hall or simply a restaurant, everywhere there is a need of good display and this is the core aspect to involve more customers and clients. Recently, the change in decoration has brought an emergence for office interiors.  So, you must have understood the essential requisites of an advanced interior design for your business spot. So what are you waiting for? Just make a link with Anmol Decore. Our expertise supports will help you explore new wonders of business and commerce.

  • Expert decoration that enhance your working space
  • Layout designing with cutting age decoration
  • Window treatment and lightening fixtures
  • Advanced assistance of floor planning
  • Utilization of natural light with advanced reflecting techniques
  • Special assistance for modular furniture
  • Least wastage of resources
  • Better plumbing and power distribution
office interior designer in kolkata 

Installing of some advanced machinery and furniture may need maintenance after some years of usage and we have also included the same option in our service. For any kind of glitches or changes, our professionals are always ready to help support. We do not believe to make a commercial support only, but all the implementation works will be managed according to your thoughts and desire. Besides that, you do not have to hire top interior designers in Kolkata specifically like architects, contractors or engineers to beautify your business interior, the expert team of Anmol Decore will manage all the efforts through responsible hands. Our expertise support will be there for a better placement of your assets that only mean for advanced beautification and sophistication. If you are afraid of high expenditure, the exciting price packages of Anmol Decore will bring you relief. So, it is not the time to think much, just produce a better space to experience a fruitful business success.

Monday, 29 February 2016

False ceiling designer in Kolkata

There are huge number  of home owners in Kolkata who dream of having beautiful False ceilings in interior at affordable cost, but if you’re not aware of the original decorative ideas, cost and interior designer works, you may face problem in this. Nowadays, it is very difficult to choose the right interior designer to work in Kolkata. Anmol decore provides false ceiling and many other services  of interior as per client requirement.
Four Walls around you, can be colored to make it beautiful but 5th wall which is the ceiling at the top of your head can be designed to give a mesmerizing look to the interior. From the last few years, the demand of designing the 5th wall with false ceiling is increasing day by day.

Kolkata false ceiling designs for living room

False ceilings are ceilings that are attached to the original concrete roof of your home which will be above your head. Before installing a false ceiling by a interior designer, there are few factors which you needed to think of, such as ceiling matching your entire decor of the interior. Overall, the main reason of it should be that it must satisfied the person living in it. As it should last long, the material used in it should be strong.

Latest False Ceiling Designs in Kolkata

Advantage of False Ceiling is that it reduces height of the room therefore  gives more efficient Air conditioning. Indirect lights in form of LEDs can be installed in false ceiling to make it more attractive and beautiful interior. After all it is a secondary ceiling which is suspended under the main ceiling of the room, thus it should be installed correctly to avoid accident such as falling.

Modern False Ceiling Interior Design Ideas Kolkata

When a person enters a room, it is the ceiling that first gets noticed. So, it plays a important role in the room. Earlier, there used to be plain concrete or wooden ceiling, but now the ceiling is like a art to displayed in home as a work of interior designs. Here at anmol decore, false ceiling rates per sq ft is low compare to others.

Being the top interior designers and architects in the Kolkata, Anmol Decore would recommend to have a false ceiling . which will be  a secondary ceilings created as a layer to the ceiling of a room. It can be very durable if the installation is done properly. I hope these ceiling designs images will be liked by every one and contact us for any type of inquiry.
interior designer designed false ceiling

kolkata false ceiling images

false ceiling in kolkata with led lights

kolkata home false ceiling

kolkata interior designer false ceiling pictures

image of false ceiling in kolkata

Thursday, 3 December 2015

From Idea To Action - Anmol Decore

 Colloquially, they say that interior designing is a simple form of art. Indeed it is an art! But you cannot just call interior designing a form of art and leave it till there, because it is much more than just art. It is the process according to which we define rooms (and/or buildings), through the manipulation of special volumes and surface treatment. However, it is also considered as a Science because of its characteristic of understanding the nature and behaviour of people to create functional spaces in and around their surroundings.

We are best interior designer in Kolkata

Observing this form of art and science over the years and across borders, we see a significant difference in interior designing (both historically and geographically). Interior designing in Kolkata has witnessed an exorbitant change over the past few decades. The traditional old school Bengali homes in Kolkata are being replaced by a new wave of innovative homes designed by some of the best interior designer in Kolkata. The noted interior decorator in Kolkata pay close attention to details and through their efforts, try to delineate the beauty and uniqueness of projects.
Best interior designer in kolkata

Before you start off with a task, I’m sure you consider taking relevant factors into consideration. Likewise, interior decoration also requires you to look into space planning and management for a better utilization of area and a sense of comfort. Similarly other factors include :-

l  Flooring
l  Lightning
l  Designer appeal
l  Window treatment and many more.

Our effort has help us reach among top interior designer in Kolkata

interior decorator in kolkataTalking about the top interior designer in Kolkata, we will definitely come across “Anmol Decore”. Professionals here are not only engaged in residential projects but also in commercial offices, showrooms, auditoriums, etc. At Anmol Decore, acknowledge the changing trends in interior designing and aim to revolutionize the concept of interior design in Kolkata, leaving the client feeling satisfied. Formed by Mr. Samrat Dey, Anmol Decore today is one of the leading interior designing company in Kolkata. Essentially a design consultancy company, Anmol Decore with the help of its talented and experienced team also specializes in :-
l  Interior and exterior decoration
l  Decorative glass paintings
l  Furnishings
l  Electrical work
l  Etching and frosting work.

Creativity is our best skill as interior decorators in kolkata

interior designing company in kolkataCreativity is important and appreciated in all fields, not a single interior decorator in Kolkata and/or outside would contradict this statement. Creative minds never run out of ideas, thus they ensure progressive innovation. Working with creative architects interior designer Kolkata, Anmol Decore has achieved excellence in client demonstration by executing unorthodox ideas on paper to actual models. We believe in providing the service that reflects your individual and unique style.

Interior design in kolkata

The dawn of the digital age, has helped people to understand each and everything happening around them systematically. So there is no chance for you to say “Oh, I did not see that coming” or “I do not know why and how that happened”. With a track record of providing a better standard of living, we promise to provide our customers, the value for their money.

Choose Anmol Decore for solutions to interior design Kolkata problems and together we shall nurture a beautiful tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Vastu and Interior Decoration

Interior design is art of skill professionalism that combines with creativity, specialized technical knowhow, to develop design solutions that are safe, attractive as well as functional and meet the needs of people using that particular space.
On the other hand Vastu Shastra, ancient scientific rules makes us live in concordance with nature with the help as basic 5 elements of nature (i.e. Water, space, earth, sky fire) and synchronize with power of directions.
It is believed that Vastu Shastra developed sometime between 10000BC and the references found even in the great epic of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Vastu Shastra is not magic, superstation or a religious believe, although some of its advocates may consider it part of their religious rituals.

Basics of Vastu Sastra

1. Doctrine of orientation.
* Bastu Sastra considers importance and relevance of eight cardinal directions, and they are North, East, South, West, North-east, North-west, South-east and South-west.
2. Plot Planning.
3. Proportional measurements
4. Main components of Building
5. Aesthetics of Buildings.

Application of Vastu in interior decoration

For safe arranging of your home verify that there is a lot of light,air with fitting ventilation and least furniture.
 Master Bedroom of the house should be placed in the South-west corner direction and if the house has more than one floor, the master bed room should be placed on the top of the house. If you think about false ceiling in the master room can be done but considering that the ceiling should be in single level. It makes the uniform energy circulation and results steady state of mind.
Bedroom Interior Design

Kitchen is the most effected part of house from where all sort of energies prevails while a specialist Vastu expert would without a doubt distinguish about the unfriendly circumstance of house if kitchen is placed mistakenly.During such execution all necessary components that go into making a complete interior designing work are all done by ANMOL DECORE.
Dining room Interior design

Kids room is a center point of entertainment, fun and skip; however some essential things ought to be dealt with to make your kid an all-rounder. Vastu dissension room recommends setting everything at its legitimate area as indicated by comparing course, for example, study table, bed, washroom, and clock, and window, entryway etc. Fitting situation of things imparts positive speculation in kids' brain to work harder and making then chipper.

bathroom design

 Vastu shastra rules of Bathrooms

At the point when considering doing vastu for home, you must give careful consideration to make toilets and bathrooms in you are home according to standards and rules of vastu shastra. Toilets and bathrooms are – or have a tendency to end up – a noteworthy wellspring of negative vitality on the off chance that they are not manufactured according to standards and rules of vastu. Thus, in this article, I will uncover to you the best area, inside game plan of things and the most proficient vastu tips which you can – and must – apply to make vastu consistent toilets and bathrooms in you'