Monday, 29 February 2016

False ceiling designer in Kolkata

There are huge number  of home owners in Kolkata who dream of having beautiful False ceilings in interior at affordable cost, but if you’re not aware of the original decorative ideas, cost and interior designer works, you may face problem in this. Nowadays, it is very difficult to choose the right interior designer to work in Kolkata. Anmol decore provides false ceiling and many other services  of interior as per client requirement.
Four Walls around you, can be colored to make it beautiful but 5th wall which is the ceiling at the top of your head can be designed to give a mesmerizing look to the interior. From the last few years, the demand of designing the 5th wall with false ceiling is increasing day by day.

Kolkata false ceiling designs for living room

False ceilings are ceilings that are attached to the original concrete roof of your home which will be above your head. Before installing a false ceiling by a interior designer, there are few factors which you needed to think of, such as ceiling matching your entire decor of the interior. Overall, the main reason of it should be that it must satisfied the person living in it. As it should last long, the material used in it should be strong.

Latest False Ceiling Designs in Kolkata

Advantage of False Ceiling is that it reduces height of the room therefore  gives more efficient Air conditioning. Indirect lights in form of LEDs can be installed in false ceiling to make it more attractive and beautiful interior. After all it is a secondary ceiling which is suspended under the main ceiling of the room, thus it should be installed correctly to avoid accident such as falling.

Modern False Ceiling Interior Design Ideas Kolkata

When a person enters a room, it is the ceiling that first gets noticed. So, it plays a important role in the room. Earlier, there used to be plain concrete or wooden ceiling, but now the ceiling is like a art to displayed in home as a work of interior designs. Here at anmol decore, false ceiling rates per sq ft is low compare to others.

Being the top interior designers and architects in the Kolkata, Anmol Decore would recommend to have a false ceiling . which will be  a secondary ceilings created as a layer to the ceiling of a room. It can be very durable if the installation is done properly. I hope these ceiling designs images will be liked by every one and contact us for any type of inquiry.
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false ceiling in kolkata with led lights

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